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Thread: Bots not attacking each other

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    Bots not attacking each other

    Hey guys, so I played a bot game recently and one thing I noticed is that there were a lot of times that bots (both my team and enemy team) don't attack each other despite having a huge advantage, or having a 100% success rate of killing that bot.

    In other words, I was playing against a Necrolyte wherein we had a small clash in front of our recently-downed T2 Tower. I was the only casualty of our team, and I managed to take down 4 of them except for Necrolyte. So, naturally, my team was still there, including a VS with at least 80% full mana and a Sven with mana to cast at least one stun. But, apparently, they just kept running in circles (all 5 of them, my 4 teammates and Necro) and Necrolyte was able to kill all four of them. By his Heartstopper Aura alone. (He had no Radiance or whatsoever to deal DoT aside from his Aura) Heck, even with my pinging, they didn't do anything.

    Hope this gets fixed soon!

    Necro is one of my strongest and most played heroes... I never realized how strong his Aura is... O_O

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    I encountered this bug too.

    But Necro was on my team, 3 heroes were running right next to him for about ~20 seconds with full hp and mana.

    They eventually attacked him when Necro casted a spell I guess.

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    There's a bug where sometimes bots won't engage an enemy hero until it casts a spell. I've never seen that happen when the enemy hero is also a bot, though.

    iirc people used to abuse this (they probably still do) by walking through the river onto the safe lane and just right clicking the enemy hard lane heroes and only using spells when the bots were low enough that they wouldn't fight back.

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    Does this kind of look like the bot who is "supposed" to be attacking is m-clicking its target, and as a result just following it around? Cause I've definitely seen quite a bit of that before. I usually see it in the early game when one of the bots like tiny goes ganking in a different lane. But when it runs in to initiate, instead of casting ava toss it just follows the enemy around. Eventually (maybe after a good 5 or 10 seconds) it casts its spells as if completely out of the blue. The odd thing is during this time the enemy bot doesn't attack either, sometimes opting to escape, other times just going about its business. I've also had a bot do this to me when trying to initiate too.

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