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Thread: Teaching last hit skills should have a greater emphasis

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    Teaching last hit skills should have a greater emphasis

    I think there needs to be a part where the game pauses, and has an arrow pointing to the creep's health and Dragon Knight's damage to show when you need to strike the melee and ranged creeps for the last hit. While it was no problem for me, I think that might be frustrating to new players that aren't sure how much damage they are doing as opposed to how much damage their allied creeps do.

    When a creep is at low enough health for last hit, it should automatically pause and tell you the creep's health is low enough for you to strike it and kill it.

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    Yes I agree that it needs some things to make last hitting for very new players easier, atleast for the first farming stage where there could be just one creep coming at time, and something like red arrows to mark a good time to last hit. I really liked the idea and the map, DK should however do a tad more damage and the bounty of the creeps should be higher than usual, it was a little bit frustrating to just farm for so long even if you got the most of the last hits. But I guess it is just in beta and they are going to tweak minor things sooner or later.

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