It was a good tutorial, but I have some suggestions:

- First creep that says to "Come over here" doesn't even tell you how to do so.

- The mini-map might be a good idea, perhaps in combination where the camera can scroll over to the location instead of uncomfortably chasing Roquelaire, unsure of where exactly he is going. Could also include map pings.

- I think the text do not need to be in speech bubbles. Perhaps have the "selected circle" around the speaker, and then the text at the bottom middle of the screen where most of the chat usually is. I think this will help new players adjust to where their teammates communications will usually be. This will also avoid some of the tips being missed, since the player may have their camera away from the speaker and to avoid small annoyances like having to scroll up a little bit to read the full message.

- Boss fight definitely felt a bit anti-climatic. Razor just kinda ran away from me and cornered himself into the trees and auto-attacked me. Perhaps use some of his skills? Also, maybe give KotL a mekansm item, so that as Razor teleports in, Dragon Knight will be healed closer to full health! I think this will introduce more of the team fight aspect of the game.
Another possible way is to let Razor use some of his abilities at certain percentages of his health? Maybe his ultimate ability when he has 10-15% hp, so that it will be inconsequential.