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Thread: Feedback regarding the experience.

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    Feedback regarding the experience.

    It was a pretty solid tutorial.

    I suggest putting in some music, it feels kind of quiet at times and a little dull.

    The amount of time needed to hit level 6 seems a bit long, but it could also be used as time for people to practice last hitting. I suggest to shorten the time by a wave or two, but allow waves to spawn indefinitely until you use Dragon Form, then I would hit the kill switch on enemy creeps and allied creeps.

    The razor fight is kind of anti climatic. Maybe make him focus dk instead, and as a bonus add his skills to make people aware of what he can do. The more cool stuff they see heroes do the better :P. Perhaps have him kill Kotl and your allied creeps with lightning nova right away, and then have him pop his ult.

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    I agree. I think he should have more of an introduction. And maybe come out of the woods. The TPing in thing might be a little odd to some people. But perhaps they are using that to setup for a future explanation of how exactly he did that. And I guess the beginning when he TPs out was kinda a foreshadowing too.

    But regardless of how he comes in. I definitely think he should use his nova and kill all the creeps or make them retreat (enemy creeps could either die or retreat) and have a 1v1. It should also severely damage KotL and have him run in his wounded animation (if he has one).

    I know this is Mechanics I though so you don't want to get too complicated but perhaps they could even introduce his static link ability and inform the player that his damage is being stolen and that he needs to break the link by running away. Maybe this could give more emphasis on the stun and tell the player to stun razor so that they can get away and break the link.

    This may all be too complex but I think it would definitely make the fight more climactic. And if you pause the game and inform the player of what to do I'm sure they could figure it out.

    All in all I think the tutorial was great except the last fight. Razor doesn't even attack DK right away and was killing creeps.

    Two things I think would improve the tutorial overall:
    - More use of pausing or some kind of cinematic pauses with people speaking would be helpful.
    - Point things out more with glowy arrows and boxes around UI elements to draw the user's attention. One spot this could be useful is when it tells you to hit the upgrade tab on the shop. It isn't very apparent where this is. I also think they should remind the user how to open the shop after they get back from getting gold.

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