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    Grinding the tutorial map for places where you can get stuck. It is a hard for a new player to get stuck in these positions, but not impossible, and they are really annoying because you need to restart the tutorial to move on.
    (editing as I find more spots)

    This first spot is near where you learn breathe fire, level it up but don't use it. Go to the dire creep spawn cave, enter it then use q and kill all creeps. When a message appears to move on you cannot leave the cave.

    Another spot is at the farm for items area. You can enter the top cave (ofc ezalor follows you everywhere) farm the money for circlet and get stuck, when you have the money and creeps stop to spawn the way out of the cave gets blocked.

    This is the area where you meet razor, you can go through the top cave and stay between spawns to get yourself stuck. This is rather minor because even if you get stuck, the tutorial will finish when razor is defeated by the creep waves.

    It seems that you can enter most creep spawns when they are active, but get blocked inside if you finish the creep wave and need to move on. Other units or heroes (creeps and ezalor) can move in and out at any time.

    A solution to these bugs is just to put up at all time the invisible walls that block you in and out while the spawns are inactive.
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    Found out how to get into that pit and therfore get the bug. (the stone is the key)

    Start tutorial Game with Davion.
    Reach the shopkeeper.
    go to the West THROUGH the TOP STONE!
    It is not possible to go back!
    It seems to not make any difference of WHEN you do this. As long as it happens before the barrier is removed.

    Stone lets the player pass through in one direction only!

    Expected Result:
    It should not be possible to go through that stone in the first place. (Hitbox bugged somehow)

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