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Thread: Include the Deny mechanic

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    Include the Deny mechanic

    Deny mechanic is probably one of the biggest cruxes to any LoL vs Dota argument, for no reason. Some players actually are scared to death of the deny mechanic. That said, it should be included in the very first tutorial to nip the problem in the bud to shw denying is very easy and not complicated at all. It should be introduced in one of the very first creep waves of the tutorial, where a creep is usually almost dead anyways.

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    On the one hand, denying should be saved for later, because it's a really meta concept.
    On the other hand, you're probably right - by introducing it quickly, it stops being so complex and scary to newcomers.

    However, DK's tutorial mostly focused on the sheer basics - moving, attacks, skills, gold, exp. We haven't laned yet, and denying is only relevant during laning. and battle hunger/bloodbath/necromastery but that's very specific

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    I agree this was one of the only things I thought the tutorial skipped. They should definitely have it mentioned in the same light as last hitting.

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    Not relevant to the concepts they are trying to share in Mech I in my opinion.

    And you can deny your creeps in the first tutorial already

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    you've just been introduced to having the shittiest hero fight between razor and dk so really doubt denying would be introduced before something like lanes

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    There's already been files suggesting other hero's quests will focus on other aspects, so I wouldn't worry about learning about specifics. I just wish at the end that you got nuked by Zeus.

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    I saw someone suggest a "CS fight" before you can damage Razor" but I would suggest a "put down our own creeps to stop them the pain of dying in the enemy hands and it makes enemy get no battle experience or gold"

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