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Thread: Razor fight needs improving

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    I think it would be more challenging as well if they gave Razor at least a few items for him to be challenging (2 wraith bands for example?) 'cuz it's a 2v1. (maybe KOTL should be autoattacking too?) They should also give DK an option to at least go back to the shop to buy more items, it's kind of a waste of time to farm all that much but can only buy a bracer and stout shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffamoo View Post
    Yeah, its really anti-climatic. 10 mins of farming creeps for a 10s 'fight'? I understand that its catered to new players, but this will only make them scratch their head and go 'huh, wats so fun abt this?'. IMO, a better way to handle this would be:

    Before Razor appears, let KotL give some advice "Opening with Dragon's tail will stun Razor and give you some free hits" yada yada

    When Razor spawns, kill off creeps in the area. They're a distraction.

    Let Razor spam Plasma field a few times. And let him attack back. When razor is about to die, have him try to run away and use a salve. This is a mechanic that the player was introduced to earlier, and reinforcing its is a good thing. KotL could say something like, "hit him to stop his regeneration!"

    If the player dies, so be it, but respawn him instantly near KotL so he can finish Razor. KotL could say something about the normal penalties of death, but that since its a tutorial they're waived. After all you wouldn't expect someone completely new to the ASSFAGGOTS genre to know that dying doesn't mean game over.
    This are some amazing ideas. I really hope someone in the top see them and implement them in the game.
    I also think the fight was really anticlimactic. I would discourage new player. That is the worst part.

    Think about it. They just got the game. Pummel through the tutorial, feeling the excitement of the final boss fight, and see that?

    If i was new to the game, would not be impressed at all. It would probably discourage any attempts on getting to see why is there so much hype about the game, when the exciting part is not exciting at all.

    This is my only complaint about the tutorial. Love the rest, but the boss fight is no good.

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    My advices:

    - make the text spawn more slowly and/or the possibility to repeat it when you click the NPC again.
    - add more descriptions about where to buy the items, like for the salve yo say "find it in consumables tab", but then for the circlet you dont say where to find it
    - about the boss fight(razor) maybe give him more HP(or some armor items) so him can outlast the fight for the 1st creepwave at least, and then...
    - make the fight so we need to use a salve 1 time in the fight, maybe razor use his ulti, then KOTL distract(hold) him for a moment while we retreat and use the salve.
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