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Thread: The Tutorial Should be DK's Backstory

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    The Tutorial Should be DK's Backstory

    My biggest problem with the tutorial is that it just lacked context, and then subsequently lacked sense. Why is DK hanging out with these little forest men? Why is Razor evil, just because he was attacking these arbitrarily coloured men? I know in the grand sceme of things these don't matter, and I am being somewhat facetious here, but Valve's attempt to flesh out a back story in each hero means that it does matter.

    Since it seems that each chapter will have one hero I suggest that each mission revolve around each character's backstory. That being said, Davion (is he still called that?) should have a few at first. DK is the obvious choice for beginners in a single player environment, he's STR so forgiving, he's got a nuke, a stun, and a form that changes between range and melee.

    All the little things work well and there are a ton of great suggestions on this forum to keep improving them: the ways they implement last hitting, the portion where you are taught to farm. But I think these could all be wrapped up in a more polished package which makes the player WANT to keep moving through the single player tutorials.

    Basically the first few levels should be a flashback of DK and how he became the Dragon Knight. You could even tie the Shopkeeper in here, the dragon attacked his village and killed his family or something, and DK goes to kill the dragon. At the end of the level he becomes the dragon when he mercy kills it or whatever. Fast forward to the present mission where DK has so and so reasons for joining this great war where the player is taught more stuff, the shopkeeper (now) is a drifter who makes money from travelling and selling weapons and items. Or something like all of this, but you see my point. There can be a story element pushing forward the action.

    DK being in the first few missions will get the player acclimatized to a new hero and really get a feel for him, what his strengths are, and put him in situations where hes less useful (to get a feel for his weaknesses too). Then, jumping around to different heroes to learn different mechanics will be easier, and each hero's story will be an impetus to keep playing, all linked by a grander narrative.

    My thoughts, anyway .

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    I'd like to see an actual story develop from these tutorial missions, which appears to be Valve's plan.

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