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Thread: Improving Dota 2

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    Improving Dota 2

    Hey guys!

    I wanted to give some general feedback on the development of dota 2. I love the new tutorial, but imho there are (much) more important tasks to be done for the game to improve.

    1. Get more servers!!

    I know it`s probably a question of money but the server situation is pretty bad i think..
    I`m from ger, and search for games on western european servers and i only play with russians..
    It`s not that i don`t like them, but for a successful dota 2 match you need to communicate!

    2. Improve matchmaking system

    There are still far to high differences in level of player skill and language in the matchmaking system.
    Improve please!

    Only left to say that Dota 2 is the best computer if played so far and the developers have done a great job!! My thanks

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    1. There's a Russian server already, not Valve's fault that they choose not to play on it.

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