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Thread: #stringvariables instead of correct strings in the portugese translation

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    Angry #stringvariables instead of correct strings in the portugese translation

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    What is this shit?
    I need a help.
    Appeared this thing here in my dota 2 .. tava in Portuguese, there just gave some error, but when I changed the language get worse, because they were all weirdos.
    Porfavor Ajuden me ..
    What is this?
    As fixes?

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    try validating your steam cache.
    the translation of dota 2 is done by volunteers, so it might be incomplete.
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    the translation doesn't have errors, the only thing about it is that when some hero comes, it takes around 2 days to add his/hers translation.
    Just validate the cache and that will solve the problem.

    "Valide o cache do jogo, é so ir nas Propriedades do Dota 2 > Arquivos Locais > Verificar Integridade dos Arquivos, ai você espera completar e o problema será resolvido."
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