I played the tutorial yesterday. In some ways I felt it was excellent. In others terrible.

It is excellent because:
- It is digestible for new players.
- It introduces the most basic concepts.

It is terrible because:
- It is a lie. This isn't what the game is like.
- It doesn't teach any concepts that make a player good at the game.

My suggestion wouldn't be to remove this tutorial. Additional tutorials like this are fine, too. But, my suggestion is much better.

My suggestion is to introduce "Challenges".
Suggested challenges include:
- Get 60 last hits in 7 minutes.
- Pull an advancing creep wave to your tower.
- Keep a tower diving teammate alive for 3 minutes.
- Kill bounty hunter on a small map before he kills all your teammates. This would be an exercise in warding.
- Remove all opponent wards on a small map within a timelimit.
- Deny an entire line of towers being attacked by a massive group of creeps and heroes.
- Get from point A to point B within a time limit, without being hit, using only a shadow blade.

You get the gist, I'm sure. Challenges should be able to ramp up in difficulty, or keep personal high scores, so that intermediate and veteran players can practice skills such as last hitting.