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Thread: Team Game History Bugged

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    Smile Team Game History Bugged

    Today I noticed that the game history of my team is bugged.

    1. It showed only two random games
    2. After a refresh it showed the last two games we did play but also a lot of other random games not played by us.
    a.) Where the last game we played in the list showed a loss even though we win (the detail view shows the win)

    Is this already known? If not, what can I do to support you in finding the exact cause of this?

    EDIT: Also just noticed, when you don't enable the Option to show your team in your player profile I get assigned to some random team.

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    I can confirm the random games display bug (it was some tournament teams vs Na`Vi and LGD for some reason, then 2 random games), and I think the false win report is actually showing if radiant won or lost, instead of the team - though I'm not sure on that.

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