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Thread: DotA 2 Maphack

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    DotA 2 Maphack

    I don't know if this has been covered but recently a friend sent me a message containing the link to a download for a map hack for DotA 2.
    Does VALVe know about this, or can fix it?
    (I can provide the image at request.)

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    Dota 2 is entirely server-sided. Unless you can access Valve's servers, you can't maphack in Dota 2. Your "friend" either never checked this so-called hack or is getting massively malware'd as we speak.

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    valve is aware of alot of those "map hack" scam sites already.
    to my knowledge it is technically impossible to maphack in dota 2.
    however we still forward all those claims to be entirely certain.
    all sites we forwarded so far that show images of revealed fog of war are scams to steal your steam login data. the so called "maphack" is basically a trojan horse.

    pm that url to any mod.

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