I find this forum confusing, feel free to redirect this to wherever it belongs. Pings are a part of the minimap, yes? I only found nonconstructive complaint topics, spammed to unreadability about this issue, so I started a new one.. hopefully not doomed to suffer the same fate.

The current limit per minute system is too inflexible. The need to ping, legitimately, fluctuates. For example, when a fight is imminent, the need to ping is naturally higher compared to when both teams sit back and farm up a bit.

Rather than limiting pings over a set period of time, I'd like to see a system that detects excessive ping spam over time. Kind of like a heat/cooldown system (compare overheating weapons in fps games). When you ping, you gain heat.. when you don't, you lose heat. If a certain threshold is reached, ban all pinging for a few minutes or so. Tweaking of the threshold, time-out as well as how fast heat dissipates will of course be needed.

This system could very well be used for everyone, perhaps give muted players a bit stricter limits.