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Thread: Report Abuse and Russians

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    Report Abuse and Russians

    First I want to give my feedback on the game better you could not make it graphically.
    I play the game dota1 since 2004.
    Dota2 since the beginning of

    Now I come to my problem what it brings me to no longer play

    I'll report of my teammates are mostly russians 90%.

    And I'm from germany, it has often happened that my team report me and I each in low ... 'm coming. I did it several times. Wash over me left but it's enough for me for hours Dota 3XXX All this at 85% without BASIC.
    I'm mostly in the strongest team I buy couriers wards smokes and all the trimmings.
    Even though I am because my team 90% russians never buy something so that was NEVER in dota1

    The best of all is, in all of my games about 79X games I always tried my best to admit and I am reported as statements of my own players because they are in stacks and really sucken, EG (STEAM ID) STEAM_0: 0:47028778 - 03.03.2013 --- Game ID is 140594988

    Watch this replay i think its saids all, so are almost all games to 60%

    And 80% of all my reports are unfair.

    I play no games in LOW PRO.... NEVER cuz 100% russians in this games

    I always wait until the time runs out then I play again then something happened (140594988) and have reported back so I do not think it is well thought out with the reports, it takes me to a really fun time when one is reported to often unfair

    PS: the Russians play in Europe server reports even me just because I'm German!! just like that for no reason. So what I'm going to make me look at something it's not much longer I want to play and have fun in not always sat apart with RUSSIANS

    PSS: i dont hate russians !! but in dota its rly strong to play with this

    Sorry for my bad english

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    This forum is for feedback on the New Player Experience, not general feedback about the game. You also don't know who is reporting you as reports aren't visible to you. No also don't know who is from Russia, just the ones that don't talk English (i.e. plenty of Russians do talk English and people assume they aren't Russian then). I do appreciate it's still an issue though as I also play in Europe and the language issue is a problem. I'm just saying that not all Russians refuse to be team players. We just notice the ones that do.
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