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Thread: Please look at how the low priority queue works.

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    Please look at how the low priority queue works.

    I was playing against someone very good. I got killed a bit. it was 0 5 2 at about 13 minutes (which was about 10 15 8 by the time we lost) I get reported for feeding and get low priority. It is annoying and antagonising. What did I do wrong other than get jumped a couple of times?

    Why do I get penalised for trying to enjoy a game when the people who don't pay attention and don't accept the invitation to join don't? I find that far more annoying. Instead I get yelled at by some idiot for intentionally feeding! How do you define 'intentionally'? It is obviously not monitored and when it is just open to abuse, why have it at all? I would perma ban anyone who asks anyone to report people; that is far more annoying.

    If someone is intentionally feeding then so be it, report them, but being treated like an unwanted customer for being bad at a game is just irritating and then to be told that someone has reported you and have no recourse?? what is that about? All the front page says is that for an unspecified reason we have decided to treat you as a third class citizen (slightly reworded).

    I am aware that it doesn't prevent you playing but it is just insulting and I don't like being insulted by a game(!) when I am trying to enjoy myself.

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    Does it tell you you are low priority? The only time I've been low priority is for a few games after I had some computer issues where I kept crashing and leaving the game, and even then it only lasted like 5 games.

    Also, I've reported people for feeding before, and they don't act unless it is absolutely blatant. You have to keep going to the same place over and over and over and keep getting killed in the exact same way repeatedly. If you were put in low priority for feeding, you probably deserved it, but I doubt that happened.

    You'll have to give the match info so we can see what's going on in this specific case that you think you were put in low priority for. Also, you aren't using the name of your steam account or name you use in dota 2 for your user name, so I can't look into it myself. I would say that you likely drop games a lot because you rage quit and that's why you are low priority if you are. Also, 0,5,2 at 13 minutes is not 'jumped a couple of times', it's absolutely destroyed XD.

    So, post more info or use real information, or this is just a troll post. Dying 5 times in the first 10 minutes is a major disadvantage to your team. That's an extra 1200 gold or so for an enemy player,

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