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Thread: Reporting system and low priority

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    Reporting system and low priority

    Hi, I've been playing this game for many years and i think i can consider myself an above average player. I'm here to talk about the awful reporting system and when u get into the low priority pool, even if you do nothing, the players over there will still report you so much that you will remain into low priority for the rest of your life if you keep playing while in the low priority, even if you do good or just have a bad game. I got into the low priority by being reported from a 5-man stack while i remained 1v5 from level 1, as one of my teammates dc'ed in the begginig, so i decided to keep playing, after 20-30 minutes into the game and the opposite team trying to make me leave by spamming chat and reporting me, i was gonna win the game but eventually lost it after i just lost my patience and went in through mid 1v5. So that's how i got into low priority for 14 hours, that was 3 days ago, and amazingly i am still in the low priority. Why? You ask? Because 4/5 games in low priority there are one or more players in my team that make the game a living hell by feeding, spamming, flaming and even killing the courier so they start spamming on all chat stuff like "report 'me' for killing courier" or stealing items and many other things so they believe him just like that. Hell, even my team believes and they report me too, so that's why i keep getting into low priority because of such players that have no idea of the game and keep doing this to everyone they meet.
    Please do something about the report system and how the low priority works because this can't go on. I've been in low priority for 3 days and still have a 1 day low priority for no apparent reasons. This seriously cannot go on, i'm hoping someone will take actions against this and maybe even remove my low priority if possible. I'm here to express my opinion, from this point on, it remains on valve to take the decision..

    Good Luck.

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    How about taking a break?

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