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Thread: [Confirmed] Sniper Assassinate on neutral

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    [Confirmed] Sniper Assassinate on neutral

    Sniper Assassinate does not give vision of neutrals, and is instead canceled when the creep goes into FoW.

    I test it on warcraft 3 dota and it gives vision as intended

    sorry if this is a re-post.

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    Hello, and welcome to forum.

    I confirm that Assassinate does not give vision over neutrals. (d1vid, d2vid)

    This seems however a part of bigger issue: skills giving shared vision don't work on neutrals in general.

    - already reported Known Bug List | Low 3 | ['12.07.14] Amplify damage not giving vision to neutral creeps and roshan (and doesnt last the full duration)
    I also checked now:
    - Silencer Last Word
    - Spiritbreaker Charge of Darkness
    and they behave same way: gives in d1, doesn't in d2.

    My personal bet is that neutrals simply does not have vision at all as they share vision of both teams, who knows.
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    added to sticky.
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    Thanks adrianlegg for the confirmation and expanding on the issue.

    Also thanks blash365 for the title correction and the sticky.

    If there is something else I can do to help with this issue let me know.

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