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Thread: How far should "Arcana" items go?

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    How far should "Arcana" items go?

    So as we've all seen a new item of the "Arcana" rarity has been added to the test server which includes a new hero icon , new Dragon Slave icon, new Fiery Soul icon, and even a new minimap icon, as well as new sounds and animations for Dragon Slave, but this is something we've already seen on Windrunner's powershot (but only ever so slightly).

    This bothers me a lot because as someone who has played a fair amount of HoN I know that extreme cosmetic changes can be incredibly irritating. I'll go over each of these changes and explain why they annoy me so much.

    Different hero Icon

    Imagine you take a break from Dota 2 for a while, and you come back, load up a game and this is the team your enemies pick


    Oh, it's just the Arcana versions of Lina, Bane, Storm Spirit, Enchantress and Rubick, no big deal

    HoN did this and it was terrible. You never knew what somebody picked unless you knew all the cosmetics. Even S2 realized how dumb this was and changed it so that the hero icons are always the default version. Please Valve, don't do something that's so dumb even S2 knows not to do it.

    New Spell Icons

    In HoN the equivalent of Queen of Pain, Wretched Hag, has an alt avatar that changed the icons to all her spells, including Shadow Strike. And while you're asking yourself what that dove icon in your status bar is, you're slowly dying to a shadow strike.

    I know this is different because Dragon Slave has no debuff so you only see it yourself, but it's a slippery slope. Maybe next Arcana alt avatar will be for Silencer, and before you know it you're suddenly disarmed by Last Word because you didn't realize somebody changed the icon.

    And there's also the problem of playing Rubick. Not only do you have to know whether the icon of that spell you stole is Dragon Slave or Light Strike Array, now you have to know the new icon of Dragon Slave as well!

    Fiery Soul of course being a passive does not have this problem, and the icon is close enough to the original to not be confusing, but it's still a slippery slope.

    New minimap Icon

    This is propably my biggest gripe with this cosmetic. If you look at your minimap you need to know which hero is coming your way in a split second, a different icon only confuses people further. I know the icon does not look all that different from the current icon, but imagine a Vengeful Arcana with her old red mask. "Who's that new hero coming for me, and why is he wearing a red mask? Is that bloodseeker?" The 16-bit style icons are already sometimes hard to make out, and changing them depending on cosmetics only makes it more difficult.

    "Which hero has an owl for an icon? Oh I got hit by a 5 second arrow, guess it's Mirana with the Owlion"

    New animations and sounds

    This is the only change I don't have pictures of because I don't know what it looks like myself. If it's done similarly to Windrunner's particle effects I'm fine with it, but again, changing spell animations is a slippery slope. You don't want spells you have to look out for, like Chain Frost, Sacred Arrow or Puck's Orb to suddenly look different (again, these are all mistakes hon made, learn from them Valve)

    Valve, I urge you to think about what you're doing. I always liked your cosmetics so much better than those of HoN because they are tasteful and fitting, and seeing as how you removed the Alpine Stalker set you seem to take these characteristics as seriously as I do, and because they are not confusing. But changing up icons is just asking for making the game less accessible for new players. I mean what's the point in cutting the Hero name + Hero title for every Hero, but then adding two different icons?

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    agreed when using rubick lmao, wont be fast to cast

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    Honestly, it just seems like you want stuff to complain about.

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    I dont like major cosmetics changes like this, its ok only, AND ONLY IF, the changes affects the player who has the items.
    If im a rubick and steal any spell from lina i will see the old icon, for example.
    The top bar where the heroes and clock are if im enemy to lina i would see a normal lina, normal lina icon.

    The model can/animation/sounds its ok to replicate to enemies i think...

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    i also have the same opinion but lets see how its ingame but i am also bit afraid which direction valve chose to get cash flow going recently, the hook changes, the new monthly chest, some of the new sets and now this.

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    I'm with you, OP. If the Fiery Soul Cosmetic Set becomes an item for sale, I think that if the minimap icon, top-bar portrait, the particles, the ability icons all change, then this is the tipping point of "too far".

    They are all slight modifications, but it would take a second too long to recognize all these new effects once more of these kinds start showing up in-game. That second to realize what is going on will piss players off once it was the one second difference between you dying and you surviving.

    Valve, I beg you, please don't make a mistake of driving Dota 2 into a slippery slope of confusing and messy cosmetics. The game is difficult as it is for people to learn. It is still difficult for a lot of people to even play because it is such a visually busy game.

    Just make the Fiery Soul cosmetic her standard appearance and model and be done with it.

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    I like it a lot, I hope they make more.

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    about $15 is as far as they should go in price

    and not that Rubick set/ Alpine Ursa set in terms of looks.

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