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Thread: [Confirmed] Timber [Whirling death] stats debuff interaction with decay

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    [Confirmed] Timber [Whirling death] stats debuff interaction with decay

    Description: Decay reduces +str rather than base str and shredders counts base str for it's reduction making the interaction wrong.

    Reproduction: Case both skills on a hero and check his str, cast multiple decays if needed

    Result: Whirling death ingnores decay (but won't lower str to less than 1)
    Expected: Whirling death does not ignore decay.

    E: Can anyone bother to check other stat manipulation spells?
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    added to sticky.

    just to be clear:
    items should not affect the stats debuff from whirling death (they currently dont), since they are affecting stats as bonus stats.
    decay should affect the stats debuff from whirling death (it currently doesnt), since it directly affects the base stats (it currently is a bonus stats).
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    The only one that actually lowers base is Silencer's... So maybe that one needs a test, but otherwise I would assume that the rest are also as bugged.

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