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Thread: (Minor) carry bots behave erratically if you're pulling, obsession with jungling

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    (Minor) carry bots behave erratically if you're pulling, obsession with jungling

    Very minor issue since it's related to pulls, but I think it might affect jungling as well. I was messing about with pulls and it seems like once you 'leave' the lane the carry bots completely forget that you exist and they start behaving very erratically.

    I don't know if this is related to time (I think this issue triggered mostly at 8-9 minutes), but after I pulled for a while I decided to attempt an aggressive play on the bots since we had a huge level advantage, yet as soon as I walked into the lane my Luna decided to go farm the pull camp and basically tilted completely, walking back and forth between the pull camp and the lane. She gave up all farm and levels she had gained from the level advantage and left the lane completely even though there were creeps at tower. I have also noticed this very unhealthy tendency of the bots to farm the jungle obsessively when they don't have the tools for it. Luna did not have any points in Glaive.

    I also tried to see how they behave with stacks, it seems like they just ignore them.

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    If you play on the dire side and pull the creep wave your carry will run back until the enemy creeps are attacking your creeps attacking the jungle creeps and then take ALL of the lasthits (jungle creeps too). Really annoying. Either that or they feed.

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