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Thread: Update Notes - March 13, 2013

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    volvo, shtalp

    please volvo, shtalp


    at least no more $$$ shit and actualy bugs were fixed. Somehow, I'm ok with that.

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    I hope they fix illusions soon. When I'm controlling an illusion and spamming the move command, and it dies while I'm still giving the illusion commands, my main hero starts to follow those commands instead. Really hurts gameplay for me.

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    What a fucking shit of patch, what the hell is Valve doing with this game?

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    Male, oh wait...
    Click it

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    Valve gave up on dota?

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    Thank you for not fixing the FPS drops, not optimizing the game, not fixing serious bugs but hey new items, hats and shit. Maybe you need 2 more years to finally make this game right.

    Thanks valve i used to spend money on this game but now you wont see a dime from me. There you go you lost another potential customer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMorten View Post
    As it's going now, TI3 won't have all heroes.
    I don't think it was supposed to. Even Dota 1 doesn't technically have all heroes. There are a handful of heroes (most of the unreleased ones in Dota 2) which aren't in CM in Dota 1 yet, which means they likely wouldn't be playable at TI3 even if they were in Dota 2.

    When Dota 1 was all there was you would go months without seeing a new hero regularly, as they were only added in the main patches once in a blue moon. Now people think they are entitled to a new hero once a week for no reason other than that's what LoL does.

    I'm curious what these people will do once all the Dota 1 heroes do eventually get released in Dota 2. Will they still complain about not getting a hero every month? They should honestly get used to not seeing new heroes until new balance patches.

    To be clear, my favorite hero still isn't in Dota 2, and I'm very glad every time a new hero added. But people need to learn to not get upset when they don't get their way, otherwise you sound like kindergardeners whining that their personal iphones don't load youtube videos fast enough. Just appreciate what you have, you're already getting a lot more than those who came before you did.

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    Puppey please pick Timbersaw for Dendi!

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