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    Up until now I've had little to no problems with Dota2, besides the obvious Drow issues being overpowered and whatnot, I've honestly had no real quarrels.

    But one thing I'm getting tired of seeing time and time again is foreign people on other servers. I understand being based in another country that is not your original hometown, I have friends in in India and all that. For example, US West and US East servers, I am constantly seeing Russians, Chileans, Brazillians, and all kinds of other people. Now normally I don't have a problem with this, I've played plenty of online games so I understand how servers work. But Time and Time again these people are ruining games. Language barriers and normal customs are different from country to country. But It's more than obvious that matchmaking doesn't work properly, I get grouped with people VASTLY under my level.

    My problem here isn't about matchmaking per se, although it would be nice to see it fixed. My problem here is I would like some kind of server forcing based on your location and/or ping. If I'm searching for US East and US West servers, I certainly do not want to play with spanish speaking or russian speaking players, as I obviously can't understand them. Or they spend the entire game DC'ing constantly or checking ping instead of playing effectively.

    FPS games are one thing, you don't need teamwork; but to play a team-based game with people who don't speak/understand english is ridiculous. Please fix or add some feature to be placed into servers based upon your location and/or ping or some kind of way of knowing if you're a native speaker of the language to which server you want to join.

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