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Thread: [Feedback] Bot Item Build Changes (still WIP)

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    If I were to remove the ganker role from Lina, I'd probably be more leaning towards removing the ganker role from all bots, as I'm not really interested in seeing Bane and Zeus in every single game... I'll consider doing some testing in regards to their picks if I do so.
    What I did was exactly removing ganker role from all heroes - the AI just can't handle it (except for Bane, but he falls off at the mid-to-late game because of some specific reasons and being very item dependant).

    After deeper adjustments to the item builds and roles of heroes (thank you Arxos for those) I'm also "ready to go".
    Although the performance may seem to be similar (that's because I was also trying to establish single-role for the AI), there are a lot of small (and big) differences between my bots builds and Arxos's ones.
    Examples: Sven's item build (cinephile's) which has proven itself to be a solid one, CM's item build a bit different (Cyclone added), Sniper's skill build (Shrapnel at levels 10, 12-14), and that Omniknight build which is crazy however effective, and many other ones.
    Also, Vengeful Spirit was turned into Semi-Carry, as supporting with her seems to be a problem for bots.

    Edit: had to rework CM's item build, she and Warlock were turned into pure supports only (somehow marking them with other tags screws the pick system).
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    I rewrote my bots and Viper isn't really the problem. As Arxos said, the biggest problem is that he usually does really well, but there is also another bot alongside that carries the game really well. I think, the bots just have to play really tight versus Viper, as in there is little room to fail.
    Here are my bots.

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    I'm having a problem getting BH to buy vlads, can't tell what's wrong

                           "item_sobi_mask"				        "ITEM_CORE"
    				"item_ring_of_protection"			"ITEM_CORE"
    				"item_ring_of_basilius"				"ITEM_DERIVED"
    				"item_lifesteal"				        "ITEM_EXTENSION"
    				"item_ring_of_regen"				"ITEM_EXTENSION"
    				"item_recipe_vladmir"				"ITEM_EXTENSION"
    				"item_vladmir"					"ITEM_DERIVED"
    Edit: It suddenly worked this last game. when it wasn't working a +135 was rapidly popping up over his head in base, like he was buying and selling TP rapidly
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