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Thread: the shop, pacing, and a couple other minor things

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    the shop, pacing, and a couple other minor things

    Explain that you have multiple skills to select on level up but for now the game is just going to have you take breath of fire.

    Kotl needs to be spamming that mana spell to get through the tutorial faster. It seems like if you are almost high enough to do a spell he will just let you regen.

    Explain the way the shop is setup. This is one of the most confusing things about MOBAs in general, and the tutorial has you go to a shop with full item set and doesn't really hold your hand enough with it. I even had the upgrade tab open so I couldn't immediately see the first item the game wanted me to buy and had to figure out the upgrade vs basic tabs. I think explaining this setup and maybe just limiting the shop to a few items and expanding as the campaign or whatver goes on would be a better approach. It doesn't literally tell the player to change to the upgrade tab when you buy the Bracer, for exmple. So really you could get through this part and not even know that multiple tabs existed in the shop.

    I feel like the big lull is trying to get to 6. Maybe have another trip to the shop planned in at each level or at 5 or something(or at least one more here, or maybe even something like "o this is a much tougher battle than a creep, you need a more powerful item" and having the player get a poor mans shield or some other small upgraded item then moving on to saying now you need ult) which will kill 2 birds with one stone - getting the player more familiarized with the shop and making the tutuorial seem less like a grind at that point.

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    Shop should allow you to buy bracers without having to move to the upgrade tab, then give a reminder that such can be bought from the upgrade tab (if done this way). For I almost never use the upgrade tab in real games either, having memorised the recipes already.

    It feels stupid that clicking on the item component won't allow you to upgrade to the Bracer, but somehow clicking on the upgrade tab will. What sort of message would that send to newcomers?

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