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Thread: [Confirmed] Tinker's march and map edges/slopes interaction

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    [Confirmed] Tinker's march and map edges/slopes interaction

    Tinker's march doesn't go off if u used it with your back to map's edges or map slopes

    Repro Steps:
    1.Blink as close as possible to map edges or slopes
    2.Turn your back to them
    3.Use march

    Robots don't spawn in some of those locations

    Expected Result:
    Robots should spawn in all map areas in equal amounts.

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    In first part You can see nothing spawns,
    In second part "spawn line" is partially off the map, that's why only top half is spawned
    In third part top part is partially missing, only bottom spawns.

    Generally, if new robot would be placed off the map, nothing happens, like in this pic:

    In dota1 I was unable to find such spots (even near map edge it spawns all)
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    It's confirmed dev's, fix title please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrianlegg View Post
    In dota1 I was unable to find such spots (even near map edge it spawns all)
    Because in Wc3 Editor/Map (DotA1) the map edge is not the same as the gameplay edge. Unlike in DotA 2 theres no gameplay edge only the map edge thats why the map is shorter at all sides.

    In Wc3 the edge was a field considered as Totally blocked Area but still the map. You cant walk near the map edge where the blackfield starts.
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    ^Unless you have zero collision :P

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    ok you got me there

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    added to sticky.
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    This bug isn't just an annoyance, it makes bot tier 2 towers much harder to defend as Tinker, as demonstrated by EG vs Alliance at MLG today: Match ID: 397263628 @ 30:55 replay time.

    Interestingly though, as something that can be a bug in itself: even though Tinker's march was angled such that only half of it spawned (as was visible on the game live and with the pushing heroes/minions not taking damage), the unspawned half of the march does show visually on the replay, which is an inconsistency that could be present in scenarios beyond just this bug.
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