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Thread: Legion Commander's Valve concept lore

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    Legion Commander's Valve concept lore

    This thread is about the concept lore for Legion Commander. This is not the place for a discussion about her gender. Take that elsewhere. ~Hef

    As we all know, Legion Commander's concept art pic recovered by Purge also had her lore attached to the bottom, as you can see here:

    Well, the lettering is almost unintelligible at a glance thanks to the picture quality....

    BUT UPON FURTHER EXAMINATION....Someone at the wiki has put together the lore! *AHEM*

    Tresdin's rise to Legion Commander was a path predicted by many - but where that path led her was foreseen by none. Tresdin prided herself on the skills she learned from her mother, her father, her brothers, her cousins - warriors all. Her rise through the ranks began when she was but a scout, (can't read this bit), caring for arms and armor, learning all aspects of a soldier's trade before she ever took up a sword on behalf of the Mystarch's Legion. But one talent was hers and hers alone, and that was the prowess of the duel. There had been no other in her family, let alone in the Legion, in fact, to show such blazing skill with a sword.
    When at last she earned promotion to the Legion's highest command, her skill was known not only within her ranks, but even earned her the respect of the Legion's foes. In battle after battle, Tresdin managed to find herself on foot, unhorsed, and calling her opponent to duel. Few dared take the challenge, and none who faced her could ever beat her. The Legion swept its foes from the map. And then the map changed.

    A spectral infantry appeared from the gritty edges of the world, spectral knights led by a figure stealthed in spirit forged armor and bearing weapons unseen by man. The Legion rode to the land's defense, but with no real idea of how to fight this ghastly foe, until Tresdin, as she had in so many battles before, dismounted and called out a challenge: single combat, a duel with the demon commander, to reckon the course of the world. With ?? forming a ?? tongue, the demon chief accepted the challenge, and so the duel began.

    The world was ?? by their blades. The spectral host and the Mystarch's Legion were enveloped in a rising mist, until Tresdin stood alone against her foe. The duel went on for what seemed an eternity, until at last she stripped away every shred of demon armor and plunged her blade into the pulsing (unintelligible) that brimmed (?) the demon's heart. The demon shrieked out of life, bearing her alone in the mist, with not a trace of either army. She pressed on, calling for her troops, receiving no reply, and when she finally staggered from the mists, she found herself in a world unknown to her. Alone now, she has never given up the dream of rejoining her legions and she has never backed down from any foe.

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