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Thread: [Confirmed] Lifestealer Turn Rate

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    [Confirmed] Lifestealer Turn Rate

    Lifestealer in WC3 DotA has a turn rate of 2.1 (according to comments in threads discussing turn rate, and ).
    Lifestealer in Dota 2 has a turn rate of 1.0.

    Were the people commenting in those threads both mistaken about N'aix's turn rate?
    If not, is this an intended change?

    It could make a pretty big difference in games now with both N'aix and Batrider being top picks.

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    They are correct on what they say.
    One can easily check them by checking the code dump of DotA that can be found here: (raw data label for turn rate is "turnRate")
    And unless some changes have been made, Lordshinjo's list there should be a reliable source, too: (I have checked Lifestealer myself now to make sure)

    Lifestealer should be immune to Sticky Napalm's turn rate crippling aspect.
    2.1 * 0.3 = 0.63
    According to 3DM@rk's post there, turn rates that are higher than 0.5 should virtually act the same. But it becomes a significant bonus against Sticky Napalm.
    And it is probably the only reason why it was set to so high values in DotA. Ghoul's default turn rate is 0.5, meaning that it has been manually adjusted to be 2.1 on Lifestealer, which has absolutely no change on him other than against Batrider.

    Tested in game by making Lifestealer move back and forth between two really close spots on the map. Napalm'ed him up, and his turn rate was slightly slowed down. Just as slow when the Nevermore turns with the sticky napalm on him. Turn rate-wise, he shouldn't have been slowed at all.
    And data file entry also says that it is set to 1.0:

    // HERO: Lifestealer
    // Movement
    "MovementTurnRate"			"1.0"
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    Weird Icefrog said he fixed that, though it was listed as 0.5 when he fixed it
    You'd think he would have gotten it right.

    As of 6.77c his turn rate is still 2.1, checked the map just to make sure.

    EDIT: Checked the Data Files since the sticky hasn't been updated in 2 months just to be sure. Lifestealer's turn rate is still wrong at 1.0.
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    added to sticky.
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