Okay, I know the test client period is nearing its end, so this surely won't get fixed, but its a Test Client issue.
I actually am not supposed to be here, I should have been busy with some stuff, but whatever...

Mirana should not be able to turn during Leap.
She now is properly able to do several stuff, like casting spells, using items, being able to attack, and all. That is all true and correct behaviour.
But she should be forced to face towards the direction she is leaping at during leap.


01  function Func2009 takes nothing returns nothing
02    local timer loc_timer01=GetExpiredTimer()
03    local integer loc_integer01=GetHandleId(loc_timer01)
04    local unit loc_unit01=(LoadUnitHandle(hashtable001,(loc_integer01),(14)))
05    local real loc_real01=(LoadReal(hashtable001,(loc_integer01),(212)))
06    local real loc_real02=(LoadReal(hashtable001,(loc_integer01),(213)))
07    local real loc_real03=(LoadReal(hashtable001,(loc_integer01),(13)))
08    local real loc_real04=GetUnitX(loc_unit01)+30*Cos(loc_real03*bj_DEGTORAD)
09    local real loc_real05=GetUnitY(loc_unit01)+30*Sin(loc_real03*bj_DEGTORAD)
10    local real loc_real06=200
11    local real loc_real07=(1-loc_real01/loc_real02)*loc_real06*2
12    if loc_real07>loc_real06 then
13      set loc_real07=loc_real06*2-loc_real07
14    endif
15    call SetUnitFlyHeight(loc_unit01,Func0134(loc_real07,0),0)
16    call SetUnitX(loc_unit01,Func0120(loc_real04))
17    call SetUnitY(loc_unit01,Func0122(loc_real05))
18    call SetUnitFacing(loc_unit01,loc_real03)
19    call SaveReal(hashtable001,(loc_integer01),(212),((loc_real01-20)*1.0))
20    if loc_real07<1 and loc_real01-loc_real02!=0 then
21      call SaveBoolean(hashtable001,(GetHandleId(loc_unit01)),(214),(false))
22      call SetUnitFacing(loc_unit01,loc_real03)
23      call SetUnitAnimation(loc_unit01,"stand")
24      call SetUnitPathing(loc_unit01,true)
25      call Func2008(loc_unit01)
26      call Func2007(loc_unit01)
27      call PauseTimer(loc_timer01)
28      call FlushChildHashtable(hashtable001,(loc_integer01))
29      call DestroyTimer(loc_timer01)
30    endif
31  endfunction
Check the line #18
loc_unit01 is Mirana herself
loc_real03 is Mirana's facing angle as she reaches the casting point of Leap
This function is repeatedly being called every 0.025 secs for Mirana's Leap movement in DotA.

Effects of this stuff:
- Mirana still should be able to attack during leap, but only to the units that are between -60/+60 degrees on her leaping direction, in front of her
- Mirana still should be able to cast arrow during leap, but only towards a point that is within her 120 degree propulsion window
- Mirana still should be able to use Manta Style, without any restrictions

Also, I don't know if the propulsion window stuff is in this game.

I wasn't aware of this until today.
I feel kind of responsible for this one since it wasn't in my report...