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Thread: [Confirmed] Weaver's The Swarm's beetle latching logic is different

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    [Confirmed] Weaver's The Swarm's beetle latching logic is different

    In DotA, The Swarm latching logic works like;
    - 12 beetles get created 300 AoE (actually a square) around the Weaver on random locations
    - on every cycle, they get moved towards the direction The Swarm was casted towards, 18 units every 0.03 seconds, (= 600 units per second, no issues here)
    - on every cycle, also another point gets moved towards the direction The Swarm was casted towards with the same speed
    - upon this unattended point, every viable enemy unit is grouped,
    -- and in case the group is not empty, one of the beetles get free'd from the forced movement function, and put into another forced movement function, where it gets positioned upon the target that caused it to get released with (-40, -40) offset
    - cycles last 166 times, resulting in 2988 range being travelled

    >> So the main idea is that in DotA, the flying Swarm beetles are almost purely visual, and it's like there is a KotL Illuminate being thrown with 300 AoE, which puts a beetle on you when it hits you

    In Dota 2, The Swarm latching probably works like;
    - 12 beetles get created 300 AoE around the Weaver on random locations
    - they move with 600 ms speed,
    - each one has like probably 50~100 AoE detection range (nothing in the data files)

    >> So... well, nothing to explain here, it's pretty straightforward

    - this causes the Swarm's effective latching search range to drop significantly as some beetles on the swarm finds a prey for them
    - this causes the initial Swarm effective latching search range to be like a deformed circle, like ~400 on one side, and ~200 on the other
    - this makes it possible that, even when there aren't 12 units between Weaver and the desired target, the desired target possibly can get no beetle attached to him/her

    Add this to wherever you want, but it surely was do-able in the map DotA both ways.

    (12 creeps on a straight line)

    There already are tiny-accompanying beetle models around actual swarm beetles in Dota 2. Those accompanying tiny beetles can be spread around the whole 300 Swarm AoE, while 12 Swarm beetles can be positioned random all around. This way, the players won't get confused like "HEY! That beetle was 400 range afar, how did it even latch to me from over there?", and understand that those tiny beetles are there to indicate that when you get hit by them, you get a beetle from the Swarm.

    Else, the thing in the video above happens.
    I mean, you can evade them like if they were March of the Machines robots by hiding behind your lane creeps...

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