I have played Dota 2 on my old laptop, and everything worked perfectly.
I got a new one a month or two ago, and, in the beginning, everything worked perfectly (even on high graph. settings iirc).
Since then Dota has started crashing every now and then, sometimes would get stuck on loading screen.
But for the last 10 or so days it happens on daily basis, I try to start a game, I see Dota logo and "loading..." in the bottom right corner. "loading..." thing disappears, but nothing happens (I have waited for like 10 minutes on a few occasions).
50% of the times, when I kill Dota via task manager, and I try to restart Dota, it says "connecting to dota network", and just stays that way.
Since then I have tried everything I could find on forums, some things seemed to be working, but I guess that was just by chance, becouse the next game the problem would be back.
I have tried using bordeless window, lowering my graph settings, using all kinds of console commands I don't remember now, that I've read on forums... Nothing worked.
I have had like 10GB of files in my dump folder too, if that helps.
I'm playing Dota semi competitively and I'd really like to be able to play it on daily basis, but it's close to impossible this way.
Oh, and I suspect it has something to do with internet connection: my internet crashes 1 or 2 times a day, and my ISP didn't find a solution to the problem yet.
But, since I'm using Skype with my team while playing Dota, about 50% of the times I get stuck on loading screen my Skype also loses connection at the same time, for a moment. I don't know much about all of this, but my theory is that, while connecting, Dota takes a lot of bandwidth for a sec or two, which causes my internet crash, skype crash, and cuz of which my Dota stops loading too. Correct me if I'm wrong and it has nothing to do with it.

Thank you for your help!