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Thread: [Confirmed] Pudge's Hook's speed is too high

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    Let's see if Valve review the hook/1

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    Hook will be accelerated in next dota patch becasue valve to lazy to fix like it was with the ancients
    <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
    Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
    Need some incentive to start a match of dota?
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    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
    No statistics will be recorded.

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    A random question, but why 0.03? That seems a weird update rate for a game (33 1/3 target fps). Shouldn't it be 1/30 making a hook speed of 1200?
    I've absolutely no idea about the internals of dota 1 mind you, just asking as it seems a weird number from a development PoV.

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    Dendi will find you!

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