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Thread: Quite boring tutorial...

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    Quite boring tutorial...

    From the beggining, there is no introduction as to why i'm fighting this Razor guy... that immediatly made me lose all interest in the tutorial...

    Fonts are way too small, it's hard to read the explanations of every skill with that font size (i use glasses and my head hurt while reading them), a 2pt increase in font size would be great for reading. I don't care if any troll wannabe comes here withe the usual "deal with it"/"get some glasses"/"it's perfectly fine for me"/"buy a bigger monitor" replies or any other alike, those are stupid answers and are not helpful, i have trouble reading the texts and i know i'm not the only one. Period.

    Text bubbles on NPC's last too little. They sould last longer, or at least have a button to click on in order to advance to the next part of the text.

    We should be able to zoom out a little more.. I feel like the camera's too close all the time.

    As for the rest, it's pretty good.

    those are all my opinions about the tutorial.

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    the tutorial SUCKS

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    Gonna have to agree, the tutorial is definitely boring.

    Tutorials should have some level of excitement in them to make you actually want to play the real thing. This... doesn't accomplish it. It only does a semi-decent job at teaching you the game basics (does a pretty good job enforcing the last hit mechanic, though).

    Bits of it seemed to be... too slow? I also didn't like the dialog boxes. They should pop-up in a corner (and with back/forward arrows) instead of having to scroll to where they are. There's a possibility that new players could miss out on any information they might have. If the point was to get new players used to using the mouse to view the area, the dialog boxes shouldn't be used for that. Also, they pose a problem with NPC's dialog boxes when you or them are moving around while the boxes are up. They should just be in a static location in a corner. Better readability. This is pretty much an always-active game, so you don't want dialog boxes in the way.

    The quest list should also have a background or something to accompany it. Even though it's minor, if you're planning on adding to the tutorial, having some extra readability couldn't hurt.

    And as for the others commenting here (the forum as a whole from my observations), saying that the tutorial sucks doesn't explain how or why it sucks. This is why it's called FEEDBACK. Saying something sucks doesn't fix the problem. How are the devs supposed to know what to fix or change if all they get is "IT SUCKS"??

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