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Thread: [Confirmed] Disruptor's Kinetic Field cannot be used to displace units

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    [Confirmed] Disruptor's Kinetic Field cannot be used to displace units

    Kinetic Field does not have any sort of moving effect for the enemies that it gets generated upon
    it should be moving them, and possibly reveal a Templar Assassin on Meld

    Actually, this is due to the fact that its developer here in Dota 2 wanted to be creative and improve it. I fully understand that, and also respect that.
    Although it looks like a nice work, the way it works introduces more than just a couple of issues.
    It works as a 100% slow now, for the units that gets upon that circular electric line; and this causes movement speed based abilities to misfunction (like Snowball, or Greater Bash)
    It has no thickness or anything, which makes causes this thing here...

    Although the DotA's Kinetic Field did not work with obstacles/doodads, it effectively worked like if it was a circular obstacle with 150 units thickness.
    150 is too much, make it 100,
    and please let's recode the Kinetic Field here in Dota 2 to work as a circular barrier with ~100 units thickness

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    added to sticky.
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    well, at least fix the "100% slow" part. dont really care if it is 100 units wide or what, but 100% slow is definitely affecting some gameplay.

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