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Thread: [Confirmed] Magnus's Shockwave's CAST range is slightly too high

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    [Confirmed] Magnus's Shockwave's CAST range is slightly too high

    Note: This is not about TRAVEL range, it is the CAST range; the distance that Magnus has to close down to the point that he targeted the spell on

    It is 1150
    it should be 1000

    Effects are:
    - Magnus can start casting it 150/magnussMS earlier before beginning to cast the spell when he targets a point that is further than his casting range
    - Spell is unit-targetable, so it allows the Shockwave to snap on the targets that are actually further away

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    Wow that was fast!
    Good report once again.
    Not the most game-breaking of bugs imho (the impale ones seem much more "broken") but still needs attention.

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    added to sticky.
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