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Thread: [Confirmed] Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance's fake lance radius is positioned wrongly

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    [Confirmed] Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance's fake lance radius is positioned wrongly

    Fake lance is the spirit lance that phantom lancer illusions cast to prevent Phantom Lancer from giving off himself.
    Not every phantom lancer illusion casts that, there is a limit.

    The limit is;
    - 1000 AoE around the targeted unit in Dota 2, but it should be
    - 700 AoE around the original Phanom Lancer, as in DotA


    1  function Func2101 takes nothing returns nothing
    2    local unit loc_unit01=GetTriggerUnit()
    3    local group loc_group01=Func0030()
    4    set real009=Func0159(GetUnitX(loc_unit01),GetUnitY(loc_unit01),GetUnitX(GetSpellTargetUnit()),GetUnitY(GetSpellTargetUnit()))
    5    call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(loc_group01,GetUnitX(loc_unit01),GetUnitY(loc_unit01),700,Condition(function Func2100))
    6    call Func0029(loc_group01)
    7    set loc_unit01=null
    8    set loc_group01=null
    9  endfunction
    At line #5, the grouping function is explicitly set upon the loc_unit01, which is the Phantom Lancer
    also it has 700 AoE.
    Just one line above, you can see that it could possibly be set to be around the targeted unit, but is not.

    Example; think of a situation like this:
    - Phantom Lancer on Dire
    - You are at the bottom lane betewen Radiant tier3 and tier2
    - tier3 is down
    - 3~4 Phantom Lancers coming from east, from where the tier3 was
    - Suddenly, 3~4 more Phantom Lancers coming from the fucking west, from where tier2 is
    - Suddenly, Phantom Lances everywhere

    it would be 3~4 lances if this was correct, and you would eliminate 3~4 of the potential original Phantom Lancer suspects.

    Okay, I am kind of exaggerating, but this really is kind of important.
    I will make a seperate report for the AoE range, this thread shall be dedicated for the positioning only.

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    added to sticky.

    i guess the issue is due to this feature of the spell being added during the test phase based on incorrect information regarding the radius.
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