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Thread: Zeus character model not appearing

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    Thumbs up Zeus character model not appearing

    hey guyz, after today's update , i am not able to see zeus's character model, in first game i was playin pudge mid solo against him where i was surprised i couldn't hook or even damage him , there was no character model, just the circle that appears after we right click a hero, next game i was playing pl wen i tried to spirit lance on him , it said "no target available", that son of a b#tch then killed me with his team.
    Right now im just not able to view zeus , i dont know abt other heroes as ive not checked each individually...plz save me from this untargetable,invisible zeus

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    Did you check the known bugs list, or searched for other threads? I believe this problem has been reported before.

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    The only case I remember something like this happening was with clinkz, and it was fixed... It's most likely an issue on your end and you should try verifying your game cache on steam, and if that fails then a reinstall may help.

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    did you experience lags in that game? character models sometimes "disappear" after a lagspike. the issue can be fixed with a reconnect.
    or does this issue happen in every game?
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