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Thread: [Confirmed] Opposing spectral daggers interact incorrectly

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    [Confirmed] Opposing spectral daggers interact incorrectly


    Once you have a spectral dagger buff on you it will remain on you until you lose the last case of a spectral dagger debuff... E.g. you are spectre, against a rubick, you dagger him to chase him --> he steals dagger --> casts it back at you while he has the trail on him. Spectre will not get slowed by rubick's dagger and will instead get a bonus 18% (for lvl 4) movespeed along the path his dagger creates (which is conveniently now beneath her feet). Rubick is still slowed by the initial dagger too. Spectre doesn't get phased movement over rubick's dagger though (thank god)


    1) Pick spectre & enemy rubick, levelling both to 25
    2) Cast dagger on rubick, and steal dagger and send it back


    Rubick is slowed by 18% while on his and spectre's dagger paths (got the negative buff first --> extended)

    Spectre has increased movespeed by 18% while on either her or rubick's path (got the positive buff first --> extended)

    Expected result:

    The daggers work completely independently as they are owned by different players (also WC3 verified --> the daggers nullify eachother's movespeed effect)

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