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Thread: [Confirmed] Bristleback Quill auto procs deals damage wrong way

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    [Confirmed] Bristleback Quill auto procs deals damage wrong way

    First of all, it doesnt deal damage at all if Quill Spray not learned. Second thing - when it procs, first hit should not deal damage, currently it deals damage based on level of Quill Spray.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Pick Bristle and lvlup only "Bristleback" skill
    2) Hit him from behind

    Automatic Spray will deals 0 damage. If you lvlup Spray it will deal first time damage based on lvl of Spray and +30 every next proc.

    Expected Result:
    Automatic Spray should deal damage based on quill level (or 0 if not skilled) and +30 every next proc, even if Quill spray not learned.

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    I agree with it should trigger while quill spray isn't skilled, however it should deal the quill spray skill base damage (Probably a test map bug)

    It is 100% like normal quill spray (except 0 base damage when quill spray isn't levelled) [tested in single player on 6.77c]
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