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Thread: [Confirmed] Shadow Demon's Disruption interaction with illusions

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    [Confirmed] Shadow Demon's Disruption interaction with illusions

    Illusions from Shadow Demon's Disruption spawn with very low hp if they disappear during the disruption

    1. Pick Shadow Demon
    2. Get Phantom lancer (I've been checking it only on him so far) as enemy
    3. Make some illusions with Lancer
    4. When illusions are about to disappear (1-2 secs), use Disruption on the illusions

    Illusions from Disruption spawn with very low hp (100 or sth) no matter how much hp did the illusion have before the Disruption.

    Thanks for taking a closer look at this case.

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    I'd like to confirm this bug -- When an illusion unit's duration ends under Disruption, the banishment ends prematurely and two copy illusions pop out -- however, these illusions start at 1 (0?) HP.

    I have no idea what the intended behavior is.

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    In Dota 1, the unit is paused, so the illusion's time can't expire during disruption. Since Dota 2 doesn't have pause mechanics, I don't know what should happen here.

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    added to sticky.
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