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Thread: Unstable Current doesn't mention Purge

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    Unstable Current doesn't mention Purge

    So today I collected a haste rune, then used Orchid on Razor (who was very fat) with the plan to help me and my allies run away. Unfortunately, my Haste got removed resulting in death.
    What I want to say is, I had no idea that Unstable Current Purges, and there is absolutely nothing in the game that mentions it. It's impossible to know without researching at 3rd party websites. It's also an effect that you don't really know where it comes from when it happens in your game. It needs to be mentioned in the tooltip just like it's mentioned on Slark.
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    Quite true. The tooltip from is WAY better here.
    Razor's very body is a constantly shifting miasma of dark energy. This unnatural state allows him to move with supernatural speed, and any foe foolish enough to launch a direct magical assault against him will have their boldness rewarded with a shock of purging electricity.
    Dota 2 only mentiones a slow, but that's sort of wrong.
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    Bump.. Almost the same thing happened for me OD vs. Razor.. Lost a sure kill because I lost haste.. Wouldn't annoy me if it was just my ignorance that caused this, but when it doesn't say anywhere in the description or the alt-hover tip it's a problem

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    Uh... in Russian it clearly states the purge.

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