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Thread: Guy sells items for money without using the market

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    100% of 'big' trades are through paypal(example ti2 couriers,legacies,alpine,def dgs etc) coz u dont expect someone to give u hundreds of keys.
    valve knows this,they 'advise' against doing it but afaik they dont punish people who do it,valve will never upset traders in that way
    /close thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehCube View Post
    a +$1000 item with 30% tax would make the buyer have to pay and extra +$428, I am sure not in a position to say but I think that it would be detrimental for valve to enforce a market monopoly as item sales will become quite stale. The best place to use the market for both parties is for mid priced items where the tax is big but payable.

    I am also sure that there are multiple trading sites that help people make these trades by being middlemen in the exchange, this is not a one off

    EDIT: Bribe or report should definitely be punishable under the SCAM label.
    Actually the situation is a bit more complicated.
    Nr 1 would be that on-line transactions don't have the same laws as the others ( aka the 30% tax is either way lower or non-existing). This is why so many companies all over the world have reprofiled to be on-line exclusive. I cannot give you concrete numbers as I am not really an expert here :P

    Nr 2 would be that big transactions such as selling a golden rosh (1500 $ or more) may not bring a profit directly to valve but it keeps the market alive. As far as i figure this is how the dota market works..there are a number of curency : golden rosh, ti2 curriers, defense curriers........golden greevils and ultimately KEYS. Now valve dont profit from anything other than keys , but the other trades are fueling the keys purchaise . Reinvestments , breaking down bigger items, growing your fortune etc..this all involve keys.

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