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Thread: [Confirmed] Magnus's Skewer's grab range from his back is not far enough

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    [Confirmed] Magnus's Skewer's grab range from his back is not far enough

    Magnus can grab heroes up to 101~117 units from his back with Skewer
    it should be 131
    but since Dota 2 mostly regards collisions in such cases, it should be something like 115~131
    The difference is really low, only 14... but still.

    I am just reporting.

    Jass explanation can be found there, the only additional info you need is that the hero-searching AoE is 150 units wide (150 - 19 = 131):
    Poor Magnus is so unplayable with all these stuff =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    Yes, needs a buff, he's such a trash right now without this fix.
    Fast pls devs

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    omg volvo fixing OP heroes like treant, and meanwhile unplayable heroes like magnus are left behind, rly good job there volvo

    Appelsin ftw as always

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    added to sticky.
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