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Thread: [Confirmed] Magnus's Skewer places the grabbed heroes too far in front

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    [Confirmed] Magnus's Skewer places the grabbed heroes too far in front

    It carries the heroes 200 units in front...
    it actually should carry them right upon Magnus.

    - make them get carried on top of magnus, like if the skewered units were getting horse ridden by Magnus. Skewer animation looks flexible enough to me to make this look good enough. Just imagine if the Phantom Lancer in the second picture was laying sideways upon Magnus. Not THAT so bad...
    - make them get carried 24 + targetCollision in front of the Magnus, so that they will be carried at the minimum distance, but still in front...
    or even just reduce the distance down to 50~75...

    I mean, in the end, heroes end up being skewered for an additional 200 units, which is wrong if you ask me, and if you ask the jass code for DotA, where it was 100% possible and could easily be done.
    This is not just cosmetic, heroes end up being displaced 200 units more...

    Jass explanation for the Skewer can be found there, detected units get assigned to loc_unit02/03/04/05, and those units get moved further with the Magnus, right upon the Magnus:

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    I have seen this result in the target of Skewer get a free ride to the high ground behind radiant mid T2 tower while Magnus was left on the low ground. Certainly this is an unintended feature as the target ends up at a different destination than Magnus. As it happens, Shadow Shaman also Shackles Magnus mid-Skewer, which could be a contributing factor. I'm at work and don't have access to the gameID, but I'll post it tonight when I get home.

    <EDIT> MatchID: 189170352, Time 16:12. Magnus hits Pudge while apparently getting Shackled by Shadow Shaman, Pudge gets put on high ground, Shackle latches at an extreme distance. Not sure if this is maybe a bug related to the range of Shackles and perhaps should abort the cast is the target exceeds the range during pre-cast animation?
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