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Thread: [Fixed] Chakram bumps either back or forth when getting into the stationary mode

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    [Fixed] Chakram bumps either back or forth when getting into the stationary mode

    What's shown in the picture-roll above, shouldn't be happening.
    Pic1: -
    Pic2: -
    Pic3: Chakram's pass damage hits the Lifestealer
    Pic4: no damage per second afterwards...
    Pic5: no mana left
    Pic6: no pass damage while reeling back

    Possible causes:
    - Pass damage radius might be greater than the dps damage radius, though I doubt this one, since as you can see no pass damage is being applied as the Chakram returns in Pic6
    - Chakram fails to get ahold of its speed, travels a little further than it should, and then gets repositioned back to where it should be. This one most probably is the reason. There is a fail prevention for this one in the map DotA's code.
    - Chakram actually travels to where it should be first, and damages the Lifestealer there, and then for some reason bumps back and stays stationary there instead. This also might be true, but it might just be the AoE indicator being funny...

    Now, the fail prevention I was talking about is; in DotA the Chakram is moved 16 units every 0.02 seconds there. There is an if-check on each cycle to see whether the distance between the targeted location and the Chakram is shorter than 40. If that is the case, it directly moves Chakram to targeted location, instead of moving it just 16 more units.
    This will mean that Chakram in DotA actually jumps the last 39~24 units of remaining range. But it is completely unimportant, and effectively prevents this occurance here in Dota 2 from happening.
    I did not post this extra jass information on a seperate post, because I thought it might be a good way to prevent this from happening here in Dota 2, too.

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    added to sticky.
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    partially fixed.
    the front bump is fine now but
    the damage for Returning Chakram it is still off by 30 units
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