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Thread: We desperately need an Ogre Magi announcer

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    Ogre Magi is by far the most fun character ever. I'm always dying when they're betting, where to move:
    "Let's go north! No, south!" Winner head shouts: "Yeah!"

    He would be an realy awesome announcer. +1
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    Yes, it would be. Especially if the brothers would argue a lot.

    "He just killed them all! - Where?"
    "Your mid tower is being picked on. -Don't listen to him."

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    [Dire's middle tower attacked] Squeaky: Look at that. Dire's middle tower is burning. ---> Dumbs: I like to burn stuff. ---> Squeaky: Me too.
    [Tower nearly destroyed] Squeaky: I like this part! ---> Dumbs: Me too!
    [Radiant's top tower destroyed] Squeaky: The Radiant just lost their top tower! ---> Dumbs: Dummies!
    [Rampage] Dumbs: How many kills is that? ---> Squeaky: I don't know... Four?
    [Rampage] Dumbs: That guy's almost as skilled as us. ---> Squeaky: Almost.
    [Ogre Magi is picked] Squeaky: Hey! It's us! ---> Dumbs: You look ugly. ---> Squeaky: No, YOU look ugly!
    [Ogre Magi is picked] Dumbs: Who's that? ---> Squeaky: I think it's our cousin. Aggron. ---> Dumbs: I thought our mother was Aggron. ---> Squeaky: Nope.
    [Roshan killed by Dire] Squeaky: There goes Roshan. ---> Dumbs: Where? ---> Squeaky: To the Dire base, stupid. ---> Dumbs: You're stupid!

    Also, make the player's Ogre Magi react to this announcer pack as well.
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    + 1. Add this shit to the game already dammit
    "Better to run, than curse the road." - Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher.

    Does anyone else think that Icefrog didn't make this update?

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    That would be a awesome..

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