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Thread: Announcer Request - Shiro Shinobi from The Legend of Korra

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    Announcer Request - Shiro Shinobi from The Legend of Korra

    Dear Dota 2 Team,

    I am writing you to request that you seriously consider hiring the voice actor Jeff Bennett, who plays the character Shiro Shinobi (the professional bending color commentator) in The Legend of Korra, as an announcer for Dota 2.

    Not only would Shiro Shinobi's commentating style be a fantastic fit for the game (you can find samples of his commentating pro bending matches here and here), but I suspect that the intersect between Avatar the Last Airbender fans and Dota 2 players is fairly high.

    I don't know the logistical problems with getting new voice actors, but I hope for my sake that this is doable, because I cannot imagine a greater addition to the game (except removing Techies). While I enjoy playing Dota 2 for free, my response to this announcer would be this.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion,

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    idk, this is one crazy crossover, but I wouldn't mind at all O: Maybe at least ultrakills, lol

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