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Thread: [Confirmed]Roshan has the collision size 24 and should be 1

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    [Confirmed]Roshan has the collision size 24 and should be 1

    Roshan has the collision size 24 (DOTA_HULL_SIZE_HERO)
    it should be 1

    - Roshan's effective attack range extends 23 more than it should (assuming it was correct, pls no)
    - players' effective attack range against rosh extends 23 more than it should
    - Roshan may not walk through tiny tiny gaps, but there still has to be a gap for him to move through, it is not zero-collision, it is one-collision

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    Big unit, big collision size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stenliii View Post
    Big unit, big collision size.
    Then why it was set to 1 in WC3 dota? Apparently to avoid any kind of roshan blocking, which is still possible (watch youtube Na'Vi channel) and i guess it wouldn't be possible if his collision size was 1.

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