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Thread: [Confirmed] Motion Buffer Range working behaviour is incorrect

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    [Confirmed] Motion Buffer Range working behaviour is incorrect

    As can be seen in the video, when the (attackRange + motionBufferRange) is exceeded, heroes/units stop animating further for their attacks, that is wrong...
    When the (attackRange + motionBufferRange) is exceeded, ranged or melee, units shall continue their attack animation, but melee units shall Miss their attacks at the point they reach their attack point and ranged units shall fail to launch their projectiles at the point they reach their attack point.

    - they shall attack and miss; they shall wait for their Attack Cooldown (or Attack Rate, or modified BAT, or whatever you call it) to run out in order to begin their next attacks
    - if they were auto-acquiring like a mindless lane creep, or by being an actual lane creep, they shall wait till their attack backswing is over, before starting to move to chase down their targets

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    added to sticky.
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    Not 100% sure about it, but if I am not mistaken I discussed that with IceFrog at some point (more specifically, for the case of Syllabear's Spirit Bear missing attacks on enemies who ran out of the motion buffer range) and came to the conclusion that we'd keep it that way.
    But as I said I am not completely sure if our discussion contained the cancelling of the attack animation as displayed here, so keep it in the sticky for now.
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