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Thread: [Irrelevant since 6.81b] Earthshaker's Echo Slam's echo range too low

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    [Irrelevant since 6.81b] Earthshaker's Echo Slam's echo range too low

    it is set to be 500 which actually is correct, but in DotA it regards both the caster's collision and the targets collision,
    the caster is the dummy unit e00E, which has 16 collision

    therefore it better just be made to have 516 range here in Dota 2 to have the same range as it had in DotA

    This issue is about the "echo_slam_echo_range" value

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    They really should hire you Nice find, again.

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    added to sticky.
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    If I tested right, this is still not fixed.

    Funny enough, the sound plays at the correct distance.
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